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Saturday, October 18, 2008
We are proud to present last months Pup of The Month Contest winner submitted by Johnny Pittman. His French Mastiff Napoleon won our hearts. Johnny wins a $25 Gift Certificate and a Free Scrapbook image of his pet.

We know Napoleon would love to nestle in one of our large dog beds available here at Pamper Me Puppy as he appears to be a big fella by the looks of him and naturally his breed, but he's free to choose whatever his big heart desires even if it's a selection from one of our wonderful choice of dog collars.

Here is Johnny's description of Napoleon:

Breed- Dogue De Bourdeaux (French Mastiff)
Napoleon's Age- 1 1/2 years

Napoleon is an innocent soul. He loves to sleep on your bed and sit in your lap. He is very dumpy and slow and loves to give slobbery kisses. His favorite play buddy is Eloise our American Bulldog. He loves to meet new dogs and is quite tolerant towards four kids. We will always love him and keep him in the family, especially because of his cute under bite.

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by: PamperMePuppy

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For a pet lover whose home is already at maximum capacity, it may be a good idea to stay out of the animal shelter. People who love animals are often saddened to see so many wonderful pets living in conditions like that, and no matter how wonderful your local shelter or rescue is it is not home for these animals.

Luckily, there are some ways that you can make a difference at your local shelter, and help out in the lives of cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, and even ferrets in your community. One can only hope that they find their forever home someday soon, but that is not always possible for some pets and that is the reality of the humane societies and shelters of the world. You can make a difference by volunteering of your time and efforts to increase the quality of life for those pets that have yet to find a warm, loving home of their own.

Some pet lovers choose to foster animals in their home. This means providing care, love, food, and shelter to pets that would otherwise be in the shelter—at least until they find more long term homes of their own. The pets live in your home during a foster program, and it is your responsibility to make sure that they get into events and such that could help them get adopted.

If you can't take any more pets into your home, it is possible to volunteer your time at the shelter. They are in need of people all the time to clean kennels, play with kitties, walk dogs, and talk to people at the shelter about their options. Talk to your local facility and see how you can get involved in either or both of those ways.

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by: PamperMePuppy

Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Well here I am, and this is my first post as a blogger of my very own blog. My aspiration with this tool will be to bring readers useful tips on everything pets...mostly Cats and Dogs. I'd like to call it the Bark Blog, not for any particular reason other than the connotation in that if perhaps I may want to bark on a topic or subject, I may want my readers to hop on the bandwagon and join me. I suppose I could call it the Bark & Meow Blog. We'll see.

I will bring personal views from my experience in the Pet Adoption part of my life, as well as health tips, pet product reviews and insight to the Pet Fashion World.

Having worked as a volunteer myself at adoption centers, I gained enough experience to then help coordinate and run a group of 50 some odd number of volunteers that worked for a not-for-profit Animal Rescue Organization in my County, of which I was responsible for. It was an invigorating experience as well as sometimes stressful.

Stress and all, at the end of the day, I understood that there was much good being done finding homes for strays that needed lots of love.

As far as my pets, they were all adopted with the exception of one cat which came about when my husband, boyfriend back then, purchased him at a local pet store. He had done this on the rebound as he witnessed one of my cats being hit by a car that evening, as I went into hysteria. So, thinking that he was doing me some good, he went out and got me my little gray kitty.

This was the only time I took possession of a pet that was bought in a pet store. Not that I have anything against that, but I would much rather prefer to see animals rescued as there are more than plenty of these poor souls seeking shelter away from the wild and from a cage.

Since that point in time, I have had at least a 10 year stretch where my 5 pets lived together within my household. I feel fortunate to have had a stretch of time whereas all my pets were alive and well for a good number of years all getting along. Naturally there have been hiccups with health related issues along the way.

To bring this up to date, 2 years ago my only dog Sugar had to have her hind leg amputated due to a Cancer while at the same time I had to put down one of my Orange Tabby's that I rescued off the street 12 years earlier. That cat by the name of Grover was quite ill and needed to be put to sleep. This March his sibling Elmo the other Orange Tabby contracted Cancer and has been on Chemo treatments since and doing quite well to date.

Unfortunately I had to put down my gray cat of 17 years just last month as he became quite ill. I am saddened by the loss of all 3 cats, my Calico passed on 6 years ago. But they brought me so much joy. I am now left with my dog Sugar who truly is as sweet as can be and getting up their in age for a mixed Shepard breed and Elmo the Orange Tabby who is also about 16.

I don't know how I'm going to handle their loss somewhere down the road, but for right now, I am enjoying their company as much as I possibly can. Now if my daughter would just stop craddling Elmo 15 x a day and kissing him, he just might be a happier kitty in his golden years.


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by: PamperMePuppy

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